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Alors que nous traitons de mieux en mieux les patients, nous n'oublions jamais l'importance de traiter les autres simplement. Chez MedStar Health, nous utilisons le meilleur de notre esprit et de notre cœur pour servir nos patients, leurs aidants et nos communautés. MedStar Healthcare s'efforce de fournir des soins de la plus haute qualité aux habitants du Maryland, en Virginie, et de Washington, DC, avec compassion et respect. Nous savons aussi comment nous traiter les uns les autres. Nos 30 000 associés et 5 400 médecins affiliés sont déterminés à vivre nos valeurs fondamentales d'ESPRIT: service, patient d'abord, intégrité, respect, innovation et travail d'équipe, où qu'ils travaillent dans nos différents systèmes de santé.

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30 Apr 2019:

Iv had two children at harbor hospital I am having my third child and only decided to have my child at harbor again because I thought they still had a nursery for the baby's since so many hospitals are doing away with that I didn't like it I feel it's really important for mothers to have the choice to either keep baby in room or send them to the nursery for the night . After hours of exhausting laybor or right after having a c section it's exhausting !!!! And some mothers don't have a support system I mean it was seriously a big let down to know they took away the nursery both my children had issues after birth very colicky and unsettled letting them go to the nursery with the doctors to see how he was so unsettled and it was benefiting for me and him they helped me get him on the right formula and see he was doing well ... they say it's for parent friendly it's not ! At all I can't imagine if you didn't have someone to stay with you right after surgery getting in and out of the bed to feed the baby change and take full care when your in so much pain ....

30 Apr 2019:

Yesterday (4/6) I fell in my backyard, and my neighbors and wife got me in an ambulance which took me to Harbor Hospital. The level of service was spectacular. Everyone on staff was professional and compassionate. I was in and out in short order. Well done!

30 Apr 2019:

I went to the Emergency room at midnight 3/1/19, and the staff was professional and caring. They listened to me and my concerns and I feel they administered an appropriate response for my symptoms. I thank each and everyone responsible for my treatment! Francis Latoya Dakia The Dr's assistant (their name escapes me)(it would be in my file) (very nice professional female) And the two ladies at the front desk who registered and triaged me! (Nightshift) The Security Guard (that got me a wheelchair upon walking in) I am having a much better day today until I can get to my primary care physician. Thank you again to everyone!


I can't speak for the emergency department because it has been many year since I've visited. But my doctors work out of the hospital and when I'm admitted for whatever reasons the staff was very friendly efficient the hospital is clean and they answered calls when needed. I do go to ther hospitals for minor things but if it life saving I put my trust in my doctors and all the staff at Harbor.

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