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Aesthetic Istanbul est un hôpital fondé en 1995 spécialisé dans la chirurgie esthétique et la chirurgie réparatrice en Turquie à Istanbul. Cet hopital est équipé d'appareil de haute technologie avec des medecins hautement qualifiés. Les chambres ont été spécialement aménagées pour le confort des patients. La clinique Aesthetic Istanbul est située en centre-ville d'Istanbul, à proximité de toutes les unités de transport par son emplacement.

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30 Apr 2019:

Très satisfait et surtout , très bien accueillie ! Je recommande Fortement

30 Apr 2019:

My doc hires the operation theatre in the Istanbul Aesthetic center. I was very disappointed with the hospital nurses in the ward. They are administrative young models only. No idea of detecting veins for blood sampling etc. They visited me in the room only to give me my routine antibiotics and pain killers. They have no knowledge of how to assist a patient to get off the bed after a huge operation. Refused to assist me to the Bathroom.. They sent the Cleaning lady to help me!! The ladies who brought the food assisted me with sitting up and eating! The night shift nurse wanted to give me sleeping pills for no reason...and when I called her at night she came half asleep! They all speak very limited English. The customer care lady visited me the first day after the operation only to find out I don't speak Turkish and dissappeared.. She didn't even ask how I was in Turkish!!! The nurses don't have the energy or patience to assist me to walk on my first day after the operation..and handed me over to my doctor's assistant as soon as she showed up in the ward! I am very doc and his team were very good and did a good job on me.. But I truly recommend he changes his operations venue.

30 Apr 2019:

Je le suis fais opérer pour une greffe de cheveux ici super clinique , super équipe rien à dire, top.

30 Apr 2019:

_ came for bleaching to _stanbul Aesthetic Center and the service guality was highly good.Thanks for everything

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